Monday, October 13, 2014

Back at it...

I've fallen off the radar.

This I know, and this I regret. We played way too much and I haven't slowed down to record any of it. I hate social brags, so I don't want this post to come off that way, but it's my blog and if I have fun I can post about it! This has been the best year of my life. It has been filled with more love, passion, adventure, and just plain fun than ever before. I've decided I better chill out for a second and write some of these moments down or I'll forget them and be sad.

I know marriage is a whirlwind of never-ending "figuring it out" and learning lessons from each other, but if we've ever had a time that we've "figured it out" this would probably be the closest we've ever come. Life is not even close to always rainbows and butterflies, but for some reason, especially recently, we've had a blast and Heavenly Father's blessed us with the ability to just have lots fun together. We've had a blast making our home a house, putting in a yard, spending quality time together, traveling, and growing in our love. I'm (slowly) learning to develop the patience and deep never-ending consistent love that Andrew has, and although I have a long way to go, it's been just lovely. Marriage is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, and I'm not quite sure how I convinced Andrew to be mine but I'll take it. 

We've had a great summer, here are a few highlights:

1.We put in a yard! This was crazy and so freaking hard. Andrew and I figured it out by watching YouTube videos and had a blast spending our Labor Day weekend installing a full sprinkler system (with the help of Andrew's awesome family). We also poured concrete for our basketball court and it was so beautiful when it was done, I cried. Seriously, I cried. Show me another wife who cries over a basketball court and I'll pay you fifty bucks. We planted seed and our grass is coming in nicely. I'll post an updated of the grass when it's ready. 
We thought it'd be cool to do a flagstone firepitarea. We LOVE it now but had no idea how big of a project it would be. It was SO much work and I'm about 15% sure it was worth it.
2. We played every (single) day - Andrew started a job at Vivint Solar this summer which coincidentally was in the same parking lot as my job at Qualtrics. We ended up carpooling most days and had a blast spending breaks riding my company golf carts and eating lunch together most days. We knew this was a rare luxury and soaked up every moment we could. 

3. We spent quality time with the fam - We headed up to Bear Lake with my side and down to Las Vegas with his side. It's always so fun to be with our nieces and nephews and siblings, in-laws and parents. We also spent many summer nights on the moped and in bare feet with snow cones, which is really all I need to be happy in this life.
^^Don't mind my sexy running short tan lines^^
I get along WAY too well with 5 year olds...

4. I loved my job (and still do!) - I have been at Qualtrics for about 6 months now and I am so happy with my job. It's just in line with what I've been wanting to get into and is a great company. I do Event Marketing there and have learned SO much. I have now been to San Francisco 3 times, New York, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Seattle, DC, and Chicago! It's been so much traveling all over the world. I've come to decide my favorite city so far is New York, with Washington DC in a close second. I will say though, that going to all these places makes me really appreciate my lifestyle, my friends and family, and my home. It's been such an adventure and I'm really loving it. 
Central Park in New York 
Driving across a bridge in Pittsburgh - I loved this city! 
I judge pie-eating contests for a living...
A view from my hotel in LA.
During an event at the Seattle Space Needle 
The sunset while walking the streets in Georgetown, DC. This is my second favorite city. They had adorable cobble stone streets and flower hanging plants everywhere, it was fabulous and the food was amaze!  
Walking Times Square with my colleague after an event. 
Fulfilled a dream and met Coach K after an event at the Grand America in SLC. So scary but amazing! 

5-We ran lots!And did the AF half marathon. We were set to run a full marathon in September then we...just stopped running...and didn't do it...wish I had a better excuse.

6-We had a good time with friends! I had a friend move to Tonga so naturally we had to throw her a going away party. Also my very best friend is having a baby in a few weeks and we threw her a shower. We've had lots of friends over at our house and it is a dream. I love having friends and family over and showing them a good time. All I've really wanted in my life is to have a home where people can come together and laugh and have a fun time and to see that happening is a blast. Andrew loves entertaining as well and is 10 times a better cook than I am. 
Check out my limbo skills^^

Overall, really solid Summer with people I love. Life is good!