Monday, November 30, 2015

Fall Festivities

Fall is my busiest time at work. September and October are event season in my industry and so I'm gone a LOT and my life sort of feels like a tornado. I can proudly say I survived event season! Like I said it's been a whirlwind but I've been able to do see some new places and have had some new, cool experiences. I'm always bummed when Andrew can't join me on a trip, I always wish I was experiencing all these cool and new places with him, but he is equally (if not more) busy finishing up his last semester of law school and working during this time so it kind of works out for us both. We had planned for him to come to New York with me but after the hurricane scare on the east coast we decided to have him join me next time!

We lucked out this fall though and still were able to jam pack all of my days in Utah with most of the fun things we wanted to do with our families and friends. A few of our fall highlights for us together were:

  • Welcoming our new niece, Leah. She's the best!
  • Enjoying the beautiful Fall weather! Picnicking in leaves + the Alpine Loop
  • Cookout in the canyons for Dad's birthday - my nephew Owen is the BEST 
  • Halloween parties galore 
  • Andrew shaved his head...yowza
  • Spook alley for the neighborhood ward party - and setting the smoke detector off for the whole neighborhood...yikes. Pretty sure we're banned from any and all ward parties for life. 
  • Park City Getaway to Westgate Resort (got out of the timeshare presentation...boo ya!)
  • Utah football games!
  • Lots of fires in our firepit with family and friends! 

A few of my individual adventures included:

  • Shopping in Soho after my New York event
  • Seeing a Boston Celtics game and eating the biggest piece of pizza ever! (3rd row!)
  • Walking the Boston Freedom Trail (by myself...nerd alert)
  • Getting a tan in Vegas in October, boom!
  • JFK museum in Dallas 

Sometimes (especially in the Fall) I feel like I live a double life. I have my "real" life, which is my home and my husband and my amazing family, this life I love. Then there's this "other" life which is my life of travel for work and all these crazy experiences I get to have. If I've learned anything from my "other" life it's that I really love Andrew, my family, and my home. I go to all these incredible places and have these insane experiences, and it's all amazing but it really is true when they say there's no place like home! 

Fall was a blur but I'm proud to say we survived!