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Rand's Retirement Tribute

Anyone who knows me knows basketball has always been a big part of my life. I feel like most things in my life that are good I owe to basketball. If it weren't for basketball I wouldn't have met Andrew, wouldn't have had our awesome Chance, I wouldn't have had my education, my job, and all the amazing travels and life experiences I've had so far. Basketball has seen me through some hard times and it is just really meaningful to me.

My high school coach is retiring from teaching and coaching, and a book is being assembled to compile some memories from his players.

I wanted to share what I wrote to him on my blog so I have it later if I want it!
Thoughts on Rand By: Stephanie “Sam” Christensen (Sampson) 2003-2007
I have loved basketball as long as I can remember and spent every free minute practicing in my driveway. I would practice ball handling, dribbling, free throws, and jumpers over and over, every night, rain or shine until my mom called me inside. I grew up in…

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