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Bye Bye 2017

We made it! 2017 is behind us and I can't believe it.

I asked Andrew how he would summarize 2017 and he chose one word: real. I couldn't agree more. Once Chance came things got! It has been challenging and wonderful and tiring and weirdly the best year of my life and I've learned so much.

A few things that happened this year:
JANUARY - We blessed Chance then he had to go and get RSV at 3 months old and we stayed up at Primary Children's for 2 weeks. Andrew also got bronchitis and was super sick and we were a train wreck for about a month. I wouldn't recommend RSV to anyone if you can avoid it. :)FEBRUARY - I had my big event at work. It went good and was a blast and I was glad to have it behind me.
MARCH - I turned 28. I still feel 17 in my head so it's a little weird but what can you do?APRIL -  Andrew and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. I'm pretty proud of the fact that we're still friends and like each other as much as we do. I started ha…

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