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Chance these days...

Chance is so cool these days I felt he deserved a quick post so we can always remember his awesomeness. He's the happiest, spunkiest, little monster and I love him so much my heart could explode. He's almost 18 months old and gets cuter by the minute. He makes messes faster than I can pick them up, and is the busiest little guy I've ever seen. It seems like he went from a little baby boy to this giant toddler man child overnight. People always tell you enjoy them while they're little because they grow fast, and now I totally understand what they are talking about.
Together Andrew and I compiled this list of things we love about Chance right now:
How happy he is His animal soundsHow he believes that if he says "peas" for anything he will get it! His super speedy waddle runHow he's getting his own interests and imaginationHow much he loves bananas How he dances and shakes whenever he hears music (foot stomp, heavy head, squat) How obsessed he is with puttin…

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