Monday, January 9, 2017

Chance's Baby Blessing

This past Sunday we blessed Chance in our church and it was such a special day I had to record it! It was a snowy, wintery day so we kept it intimate and just invite our immediate families and my best friend Courtney and her family. We were so happy to share this special day with everyone and love seeing how much everyone has come to love Chance. 

When we got to church a member of our  bishopric announced that we were going to be doing a blessing for baby "Chase". Of course my whole family started laughing because I'm feeling so stressed he is going to be called Chase his whole life, everyone calls him that! Ugh I hope he doesn't grow up to hate me for this name. I've thought seriously about changing it but I really do love his name and he is just Chance to me now. Chance is such a happy name to me, and this is our happy sweet boy so I guess we'll stick with it. 

Andrew blessed Chance with his dad and my brother in law in the circle. It was a small circle and I couldn't help but be sad that my dad wasn't there to join, but I know he was there in spirit and was watching us and is so happy to be "Grandpa Mike who lives in heaven."

After Andrew's beautiful words (he's the well-spoken one in the family) we had everyone come over for breakfast (since it was at 8:30am. It was very fun and chill and I was so proud of myself for not stressing about everything being perfect and really enjoying this day. I kept it low key and seriously did ZERO cooking. The grandmas did most of the work, Karen brought a yummy breakfast quiche and my mom did a pretty fruit plate. We just picked up donuts and muffins and called it good. My kind of party. 

Here are a few pictures for us to remember: 
^^of course andrew got sick the morning we had to bless him! what a good sport. ^^

 It was such a great day and Chance killed it in his outfit. I love my boys so much! 


Friday, October 28, 2016

Chance is Here!

I can't believe it really happened! After going 8 days past my due date I had a baby and am officially a mom. It still doesn't seem real! We welcomed Chance Thomas Christensen to the world on Monday, October 10th at 2:16pm. He was a whopping 8 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long. 

I was scheduled to be induced on Monday the 10th but started having regular contractions on Sunday night around 7pm. We finally decided to go to the hospital around 12am since my contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart. When we got there I wasn't dilated past a 3 so we decided to start me on Pitocin and get me going (since I was going to be induced the next morning anyways). I opted out of an epidural at first because the contractions weren't too painful or difficult to work through. I labored in the hospital for about 7 hours, and when I was still only dilated to a 4 they decided to break my water.

Just before they broke my water I started having some reallllly bad back pain, like the worst I've ever felt in my life. It scared me pretty bad and the doctor said it was only going to get worse since the baby was posterior. I decided then to get an epidural and I am SO glad I did because once I had the epidural the whole experience was so enjoyable. After they broke my water I dilated from a 4-10 in about an hour and a half and was ready to start pushing!

Once we started pushing it was actually fun - everyone was so encouraging and Andrew just kept saying "good job, good job, that was a good one!" At one point after about an hour and a half of pushing I told him not to say good job unless it really was a good one! We were laughing and having a lot of fun while I pushed and it felt like just a really good workout. After each push Andrew would give me a drink of water, I wasn't thirsty it was just tradition haha and then I would push again. I started to get a little overwhelmed after about an hour and a half when I hadn't made much progress and was starting to get really tired. Everyone kept saying "we can see the start of his head, you're doing so good." I honestly didn't believe them and kept saying "you nice nurses are big fat liars!" One of the nurses suggested they bring in a mirror so I could see what they were talking about and that ended up being one of the coolest parts of giving birth. They rolled this huge mirror into the room and I was able to see the whole thing. Once I saw that I was really making progress I got a second wind and became so determined and pushed that baby right out of me. 

Experiencing my body giving birth was one of the coolest things I've ever been through. The labor and delivery wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be (thanks to the epidural!) and I was surprised how much fun we had through the whole thing. We had some of the greatest nurses who took such good care of me I felt like we were all best friends by the end of the ordeal. When Chance finally arrived they put him right on me and the first thing I thought was "holy crap he's huge!" He had rolls on his arms and legs and was the most perfect pink little giant baby I'd ever seen. I surprised myself how instantly overcome with love and emotion I became and I cried and said a small prayer of thanks when I saw him.

Once that sweet moment passed the second thing I thought was "holy crap...his head." Andrew and I nervously looked at each other and then Andrew says "Perfect, he looks like Frankenstein, just in time for Halloween!" It was so hilarious and I'm sure the nurses and doctor thought we were the worst parents ever. It was amazing and I will laugh about that forever more.

Meeting Chance was one of the best things I've ever done, and only made me fall deeper in love with Andrew. I just stare at this baby and think how cool it was that our love made a tiny little person who is now part him and part me. I can't believe how much I love my boys and how blessed I am, the whole experience has been really amazing.

Here are a few photos from the hospital and our first few moments with Chance:
^^don't ask...^^

Oh how we love this baby! 


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Goodbye Summer!

Another Summer has flown by! It's crazy to me how fast the months seem to slip away. The fact that summer is really over is freaking me out! When we found out I was pregnant in January I remember thinking fall seemed SO far away. 

This summer was really good to us! We were able to head off to Europe for 2 1/2 weeks in late May/early June and it was the best thing ever (full post on that here.)

With me being pregnant we really took the rest of the summer easy and enjoyed spending time together, preparing for the baby, and relaxing lots. 

One of my favorite memories from this summer was when Andrew and I swiped Josh's (Andrew's little bro) new Jeep and took the top off for a drive up the canyon. We picked up sandwiches and drove up to Silver Lake where we explored a little bit and ate lunch. It was so fun jamming to music, enjoying the scenery, and hanging out with Andrew. The mountains + Andrew really are my happy place. 
^^the classic "i promise i'm pregnant, not fat" touch-to-the-belly-pose^^
^^everyone up there has hiking gear and this guy is in sandals and socks...^^

After our drive we picked up Brianny and Josh and went cruising on State street with the top down, it was so fun! I love these people.

Another fun memory was working on the nursery! It is all done now and I am so happy with it. One night after work Andrew came to me with a "presentation" on which crib we should buy. It was awesome and I loved it. 

 We decided to go with a basic white room and make it super simple and clean. This deserves it's own post which I'll share soon but we worked on this slowly all summer and it was so much fun. I also bought so much stuff. We can build 100 forts with all the cardboard boxes we've had from my Amazon purchases! It's been so awesome. I bought LOTS of baby clothes and tons of baby products. It really kept me busy after work and on the weekends haha it's amazing how many things you need for a baby.

Another highlight has been getting plants and bushes for our yard. We decided to do this on a whim one day and it was such a funny memory. My Subaru is basically a flat bed truck and we packed it FULL with sweet bushes and plants at the nursery. 

Andrew has worked so hard in this yard. Of course because we never plan we realized we had limited time to get the plants in AFTER we bought them all. We seriously stayed up until 2am to get them all in the ground, and used my car for a light once it got dark. Every project we do is kind of a marathon because we're not the greatest planners but at least we get things done! ;) I love how much Andrew loves his yard, it's definitely his hobby! 

We also celebrated Andrew's birthday (and his mom's since it's on the same day) and we always have fun doing so! His is on the 3rd of July and so the 4th of July holiday is always one of my favorites. Our neighborhood also did an INSANE firework show which was so much fun. We love our neighbors and never want to leave.

Also my bump kept growing...and growing. I actually had fun getting a bump! I know it sounds so lame but I have always been such a tom boy with a sporty figure that I have felt so girly and feminine with this bump! It's also awesome to be able to let it all hang out and not ever worry about sucking in! ;) I think I really am going to miss it! 

Another summer highlight and one of my favorite things we always do is Bear Lake with the family. We had so much fun eating lots of milk shakes, playing in the lake, and spending time with my side of the family. We love our niece and nephew so much and they are always such a blast. I promise my mom was here, she must have just taken all of the pictures! Sorry mom, we love you! 
Lastly, we've just had fun being at home. We have done lots of little baby projects and are soaking up as much time just the two of us as we can before baby comes. Andrew said the other day "do you realize that it will NEVER just be the two of us again?" I seriously started bawling. As much as we are SO excited to get this little man here, I can't imagine having more fun and more love than Andrew and I have had in our last 4 1/2 years of being married. We definitely fight (mostly I just start fights!) and our marriage is in no way perfect. But we really are friends, we have a real love, and enjoy being together, and that's all I could ever really want. I'll definitely miss this stage of our lives, when it was just the two of us having fun and just enjoying each other. 
Here's to the end of one chapter and the start of another one!