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My Cute Easter Bunny

Hoppy Easter!

Chance was looking so fly this year I couldn't let it go unblogged. He is getting so big I can't believe it. I'm bracing myself for baby girl to come soon and trying to prepare myself for the fact that it's got to be impossible to have a little girl as good and awesome and fun as Chance.

Some of my favorite things about him right now are: The way he says "Love you mommy" randomly all the time His obsession with Andrew and wanting to rough house with himHow he always says "thank you" for everyhting I do for him (I seriously don't know where got that and wish I could take parenting credit but he really just does it)How much he loves his cousins and "Finley" (our neighbor) His spirit and zest for life
We had a great day at Church, spending time with family, and eating wayyyy to much sugar. Gotta love Easter!


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