Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas, I love you...

We have had an eventful past couple of days. I absolutely love the holidays. I love spending time with family and friends, I love the Spirit of Christ, I love all the service and giving, and I absolutely love the food! :) 

We had an action packed week, we headed down to Temple Square on Tuesday with my sister and her cute family, as well as with my mom and my dad's mom Grandma Phyllis (she's 90! what a trooper!) I didn't get any pictures because A)it was too cold and B)I have 50,000 pictures of us at Temple Square already. :)

Andrew finished his last final Thursday morning and I took the day off work and we headed up to Deer Valley for a day of skiing (my work has free skiing as an awesome employee perk). We had the greatest time EVER and enjoyed the fresh powder. By the end of the day we were SOOOO tired, seriously my legs were jello. Aside from me getting carsick on the way up and puking (am I 12, really?) it was a fabulous day and we were in heaven! 
Friday night was a  blast. My high school friends all gathered for a Christmas party at my friend Hailey's house. It was so great visiting with my friends, we always laugh our heads off and have such a blast. We went with the ugly sweater theme and Andrew and I had a blast rockin' our festive attire. (excuse the low quality iPhone pictures) 
^^Isn't Andrew's family's tree GORGEOUS?^^
I really love all my friends. We turn into crazies whenever we are together and it is always a good time. (Andrew fits right in as you can see) Not sure why he looks like such a crazy large giant in these pictures, but he's definitely adorbs. I've never loved such a maniac more. 
^^^I am SO lucky to have a best friend like Courtney.^^^

The older I'm getting the more I recognize how blessed I have been to have her as my best friend since the 3rd grade. I really don't know what I would do without her, she is just fabulous. Here we are re-enacting our 5th grade back to back picture. (In the original we had sponge curlers in our hair and we were both holding our gameboys. Oh and we were posing dead serious, not trying to be funny.) We are pretty awesome that's for sure.

On Saturday we had a fun filled day of parties! Haley and Dan hosted the cutest 1st birthday party for Owen. It was a Polar Express theme and she had it decorated so cute. I can't believe a)that Owen is already ONE, and b) how much I love that little kid. We headed over there with our family as well as Danny's family(they out number us just a little bit) and we all had fun eating yummy food and watching all the cute kiddos run all over the place. Apparently Andrew and I were the only ones who got the memo to wear pajamas because we were the ONLY adults (aside from Haley) dressed up. Yes I had one onesies with feet in them, and Andrew wore a robe. We are way cool. Anyways, I'm so proud of Hay and Dan and their cute house and family - they are such great parents!

After Owen's party we headed over to Andrew's parents house for a "Grinch" party. We all dressed up like Who-ville Whos and it was such a fun night! Karen goes all out for family parties and I absolutely love it. She had everything from "Who-Hash" to "Roast-Beast" and even had a special surprise appearance from the dog "Max" and the Grinch himself! 
^^Getting ready. I did "Cindy-Lou-Who" hair and Andrew rocked the middle part.^^
^^Josh's green hair was dope. We kept saying he looked like Dennis Rodman.^^
^^All the yummy treats^^
^^We played a fun Christmas creation game. Ashlee makes such a pretty tree! ^^
^^Seriously, doesn't get much cuter than this...^^
Like I said the Grinch made a special surprise appearance. Aaden about lost his mind he was so scared. After a while we told him it was "just Josh" and he couldn't make up his mind between crying hysterically and laughing. Even after we showed him it was just a mask and Sy put it on, he kept having breakdowns. It was equally hilarious and sad at the same time. 
"Max" was a huge hit. Seriously he was adorable with his cute ears, he was a perfect addition to our party!
^^I love this picture of "the Grinch" (Aaden) watching the Grinch movie.^^
Overall it was a fun, festive day filled with lots of parties, family, and food (boo-ya). I love fun, silly parties where we all get together and have a good laugh.

Go Christmas! 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gobble Gobble!

I have been meaning to post about our Thanksgiving shenanigans for a while not but haven't made the time and now here we are and it's December 15th. This is embarrassing, I am ashamed of myself. Oh well...better late than never. 

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! It was so relaxing and fun and I loved every minute of it. Andrew and I kicked off the holiday early by heading up to Alta for the day on Wednesday. Really, skiing is our favorite thing to do together. The smell of pine, the snow, the mountains. Sigh. I die for Utah's beauty. We always say we are so blessed to live in such a pretty place and I'm glad we take advantage of it.

Some of our greatest memories are up in the mountains skiing, it's kind of our escape from craziness and I hope we always make it a priority. We got new skis this year and had a blast trying them out. (Andrew freakkksss me out because he goes speedy but what can ya do? I strap a helmet on him say my prayers.) 

The next day was fabulous. We slept in, drank hot chocolate and spent the morning getting our house ready for Andrew's family to come over for  dessert that night. It was fabulous being able to sleep in and just relax on Thanksgiving! 

We headed up to Murray in the afternoon to eat dinner with our family friends, the Thomas's, and had a blast stuffing ourselves with food. Turkey is my favorite food hands down, so naturally Thanksgiving is a favorite. Yummmmmm.

My nephew Owen is the best. Seriously I can't believe how much I love that little dude. He saw dogs for the first time at Thomas's and was on the ground chasing them all over the house. He has the best personality I love it. Notice Haley rockin' the melt? She's the cutest. 
These were the only 2 pics I took at Thomas's! We had fun visiting with family and friends at Thomas's and missed my dad a lot as always. 

We headed up to our house to have dessert with Andrew's side of the family that evening. It was a lot of fun to have visitors in our new house! The kids loved the playroom and we all loved the yummy treats. It was like my dream come true to have my home filled with love and laughter and lots of food. :) I'm in love with our new home and love having people over (by this point I remembered to take pictures so there are a few more here)

^^Josh loves smiling for the camera^^
^^Andrew and Grandma Cow^^
^^Ashlee and Grandma Fonny^^

^^Yummy treats and a darling Kate. Doesn't get much better than that.^^
^^Gerry and Sy were accidental twinners^^
^^Like I said the playroom was a huge hit^^
^^Aaden and Kate looked awesome in their Xmas jammies. They are the cutest.^^

By the end of the night we were all pretty pooped (^^obviously^^) I'd definitely say the day was a success!

The next day Andrew got up early and went and got a new phone and some other awesome Black Friday deals for us and this is what I did...

(slept in and ate 4 cookies. whoops)

I did end up going shopping a little bit later with my mom for the day and we had a good time, but you couldn't pay me to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and wait in those lines. Crowds give me anxiety. :)

We also spent the weekend putting up Christmas decorations! (We are such huge Thanksgiving lovers we refuse to decorate until after Thanksgiving) We listened to Christmas music, had the fire going, and decorated just  the two of us. It was pretty magical and was better than I imagined. (I always imagine situations going a certain way in my head and when they go better its like the best.thing.ever.) Andrew thinks I'm weird.

Gahhh I love the holidays. They make me giddy.

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

We Moved!

It's official - we are all moved into our house in Saratoga Springs and we are loving it. We closed on our house a couple of weeks ago and have been getting all our stuff (seriously I can't believe how much crap we have) settled in. We were equally nervous and excited to go sign on our house - but then we saw this sweet VIP Parking with our names on it and a table full of cookies and all our nerves disappeared magically. :)  (...seriously, I am not mature enough to have bought a house)
Once we signed the papers we jumped right into moving! We were lucky to have a lot of our stuff delivered and thanks to the help of our fabulous families we had an extremely smooth moving day! We are now all settled and looking forward to this next new stage of our lives! 
Here's to being a grown up!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Fall Family Pics

A few weeks ago we were able to get some family pictures done with my side of the fam. It was weird not having my dad there and we missed him a lot, but I think he would be happy to see us together as a family, in the beautiful fall leaves capturing some memories together. We met at Memory Grove downtown and had a grand old time...
Andrew is seriously the most photogenic person I know. I equally hate him and love him for it. 
Owen is usually the cheeriest baby and always has a smile on for the camera. He wasn't having it today though, I think he knew we all wanted him to smile and so he decided he'd be a rebel and pull the "dazed" face for a good chunk of the time. At least he wasn't crying though, and he is a stud smiles or not.
^^Isn't my mom's hair fab? And don't even get me started on Owen...^^
Haley and Dan have such a cute little family! I love seeing them raise Owen - they have so much fun with him and are great parents!
^^Those cheeks...I die...^^
^^Love my seester^^

 I sure do love this family of mine. We're a pretty solid bunch if I do say so myself. :) 

 Thanks for stopping by!