Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just Growing a Baby Over Here...

I swore I would blog more this year so I can remember all the crazy shenanigans and happenings of our life but I haven't been as good as I've wanted to be! Especially with all the exciting things going on in the Christensen house these days. 

Biggest news around these parts --- we're having a baby! It's crazy and fun and terrifying and we're stoked about the whole thing. 
I am 17 weeks along today! We have had 3 doctor appointments, two which were ultrasounds and then on Monday where we just heard the heartbeat. It has been so cool and crazy that there's this little person inside of me and every time we go to the doctor I cry because I can't believe it. It seriously blows my mind what our bodies are capable of, it's truly amazing.

The first trimester was pretty barfy. Literally. I barfed at least once a day, and up to three times a day for probably 9 or 10 weeks. It was kind of funny though because EVERYTHING makes me gag and a lot of things made me barf, so Andrew and I have some pretty equally mortifying and funny barf stories (mostly consisting of me barfing in public places out of nowhere) and had a lot of good laughs. He has been a sweetie and brings me a washcloth every time and hold my hair while I'm overly dramatic and tell him I'm dying. I don't know how he puts up with my whining. I swear whining just makes you feel better when you're puking. 

^^This picture is my first maternity shopping trip and pretty much the only baby bump picture I've taken, whoops.^^

Obviously so far I haven't been good at documenting my pregnancy at all. I have a lot of friends that do the regular progress pictures and I have totally not even thought about it at all, I need to be more sentimental. Sheesh.
So this is pretty fun - all of my high school friends are pregnant with me (except for 2 in our group!). When we get together we all act like we're still 14, it's crazy we're all going to be trusted to keep little humans alive. Hopefully we can grow up! ;) Oh an leave it to me to ruin a perfectly good picture by closing my eyes. Yikes. One day I'll learn.

It's a blast to go through pregnancy with other friends and neighbors who know what you're going through or have done it before. I have so many awesome people in my life who I look up to as mothers and hope to be like! I go to so many people for advice and it's comforting to hear that at one point they were as clueless as I feel and they turned out just fine. Hopefully we'll figure the whole thing out, we'll see how it goes! 

Now that I'm well into the 2nd trimester I've felt a little bit better. I still have random barfing episodes (TMI...) and get tired at times but it's been a lot better and I'm sure so many people have it worse! We find out the gender in about 2 weeks and we're super excited! We honestly don't care what we have at all but if I had to chose I would have a boy (how dreamy to have a mini-Andrew running around?) and he says the same thing and wants a girl (a mini-me). So I guess we're at a win-win either way. Some of the names we're liking are: Sloan (girl) Sophie (girl) Collins (girl) Chance (boy) Miles (boy) 

Like I said, exciting things going on over here! Can't wait to find out the gender in a couple of weeks! I can't believe we're really going to be parents...please pray for us.