Monday, November 30, 2015

Fall Festivities

Fall is my busiest time at work. September and October are event season in my industry and so I'm gone a LOT and my life sort of feels like a tornado. I can proudly say I survived event season! Like I said it's been a whirlwind but I've been able to do see some new places and have had some new, cool experiences. I'm always bummed when Andrew can't join me on a trip, I always wish I was experiencing all these cool and new places with him, but he is equally (if not more) busy finishing up his last semester of law school and working during this time so it kind of works out for us both. We had planned for him to come to New York with me but after the hurricane scare on the east coast we decided to have him join me next time!

We lucked out this fall though and still were able to jam pack all of my days in Utah with most of the fun things we wanted to do with our families and friends. A few of our fall highlights for us together were:

  • Welcoming our new niece, Leah. She's the best!
  • Enjoying the beautiful Fall weather! Picnicking in leaves + the Alpine Loop
  • Cookout in the canyons for Dad's birthday - my nephew Owen is the BEST 
  • Halloween parties galore 
  • Andrew shaved his head...yowza
  • Spook alley for the neighborhood ward party - and setting the smoke detector off for the whole neighborhood...yikes. Pretty sure we're banned from any and all ward parties for life. 
  • Park City Getaway to Westgate Resort (got out of the timeshare presentation...boo ya!)
  • Utah football games!
  • Lots of fires in our firepit with family and friends! 

A few of my individual adventures included:

  • Shopping in Soho after my New York event
  • Seeing a Boston Celtics game and eating the biggest piece of pizza ever! (3rd row!)
  • Walking the Boston Freedom Trail (by myself...nerd alert)
  • Getting a tan in Vegas in October, boom!
  • JFK museum in Dallas 

Sometimes (especially in the Fall) I feel like I live a double life. I have my "real" life, which is my home and my husband and my amazing family, this life I love. Then there's this "other" life which is my life of travel for work and all these crazy experiences I get to have. If I've learned anything from my "other" life it's that I really love Andrew, my family, and my home. I go to all these incredible places and have these insane experiences, and it's all amazing but it really is true when they say there's no place like home! 

Fall was a blur but I'm proud to say we survived!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Quick Trip to Oregon

I'm trying to catch up on blogging! A bit ago Andrew and I had so much fun in Oregon. This is something we'll remember forever that I just had to blog about. We (myself included) jumped on the Utah football bandwagon early this year since Utah was playing really good and we have season tickets to the games with Andrew's family. Utah was scheduled to play at Oregon, and one day at work Andrew bought us tickets to the game on a whim. That night when I got home he told me he had bought them. Naturally I was stoked because I live for spontaneity (yes, that was me that lived in the tent for 6 months at one point in my life thanks to a whim!) We threw the tent in the car and left the next morning. We had so much fun. 

Andrew served his mission in the Eugene area. So we drove (and drove and drove) and headed out to Florence and camped at the dreamiest little spot on the coast. We packed our long weekend full with drives around to the areas he served, meeting up with some of his old friends, visiting a few key beautiful areas, and then of course the game on Saturday. 

Like I said, it was a LOT of driving (over 30 hours) because we did most of our sight seeing from the car. Coming into Oregon we accidentally took a wrong turn and did the "scenic" route which ended up being the best thing ever because it took us on the most beautiful loop of brilliant fall colors. The contrast with all the green pines was so rad and it was BEAUTIFUL. 

Because we took a wrong turn, we were shocked when we came around a corner and found ourselves surrounded by miles and miles of lava as far as we could see. We snapped a few pics and stopped by this cool little lookout area make of lava pieces.

When we got to Eugene we had a lot of fun stopping at some of Andrew's mission spots. He showed me where he lived, people he taught, and told me stories about his time in Oregon. It was a lot of fun to have a glimpse into this place that means so much to him! 

After we drove around a little bit we headed onto Florence, which is the dreamiest little coastal town. I felt like I was living in an episode of Dawson's Creek. It was so quaint and adorable and made me want to move there!
^^Our campsight was pretty teeny but we spent almost no time there so we didn't mind! My Subaru was just in her element in Oregon. :)

Like I said, Florence was dreamy. We went to dinner at Mo's and then walked along the boardwalk. Just a mile or two away was the beach and it was so pretty!
^^Really, does it get any more Dawson's Creek than this?^^

The next day we spent the morning with some of Andrew's great friends Carlos and his wife Virginia. They were so lovely and were amazing tour guides. We went with them and drove up the coast to see Heceta Head lighthouse, collected heart shaped rocks, and stopped at a cute little candy shop to eat "chocolate sea foam". It was all-around dreamy and I didn't want to leave! 
After that we drove all the way up the coast and headed over to Corvallis, to see Andrew's mission area before coming back down to Eugene for the game. We stopped and ate at his favorite "Local Boys" restaurant (which wasn't as good as he remembered!) and drove through the amazing Oregon State campus. It was so pretty.
The game was INSANE. Utah beat Oregon 62-20, I had never seen anything like it! It was so much fun to be the visiting team, and the fact that we dominated made it so much more fun! The Oregon campus and atmosphere (at least before the game started) was so much fun. We had a blast and will never forget it.

The next day we went to church in Eugene and visited with some of the members before taking off. It was amazing to see how many people not only remembered Andrew but LOVED him and still considered him family. 

This trip was one for the books. Traveling with Andrew and making new memories with him is one of my favorite things. Go Utes!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Recap

I can't believe that summer is over!I'm devastated. We had a long list of projects and things we wanted to do this summer. I am happy to say that we only did the fun things! This summer has flown and while I'm sad it's over, I am happy we were able to make the most out of it and play as much as we did. We started out the summer with a bang and headed out to Florida and on our cruise as soon as Andrew got out of school (read about that here). 

This summer has been very relaxing. We just did whatever we felt like, which I so much enjoy. This summer I have found a new hobby, my beloved road bike. I have wanted a bike for a while now and so we finally caved and got me one. A lot of my colleagues and friends have bikes and I went on ONE ride and was hooked. 
I signed up for the Huntsman race with my team from work and had such a cool experience riding for cancer. The race was HARD and LONG and HOT and although it was rough I was anxious to get back on my bike as soon as I could. It was so much fun to dedicate the ride to my cancer-survivor mama and have her and Andrew there to cheer for me at the finish line! I now ride my bike as much as I'm able and love going with my team from work in the mornings up Provo Canyon. 

So that was June. July is tied with December for one of my very favorite months of the whole year. Andrew and his mom share a birthday on July 3rd so it always makes for some fun festivities! We were able to celebrate this year with lots of fireworks, friends, family and BBQs! For Andrew's birthday I took him up to Sundance and we did a fun hike to Stewart falls and had a picnic and wasted the day away. We climbed clear up to the waterfall and even ended up going behind the actual falls. It was a little scary and the water was FREEZING but it was so refreshing. We were like little kids playing around on the rocks and it was so much fun to spend the day doing whatever we wanted, I live for these days. 

We went to his grandma's house that night for a fun BBQ and the kids (and Andrew of course) had so much fun playing in Grandma's backyard. They did lots of races and obstacle courses while I just had the best time ever staring at baby Luke! 

On the 4th we went to my moms and had a fun BBQ and did fireworks with my family and the Thomas's. Everyone had babies so the party broke up early and Andrew and I headed home and decided to get on the roof and watch the fireworks. We could see everything in Utah county from our roof and so we popped popcorn and sat up there together, it was such a fun thing to do and I think it'll have to be a tradition from now on. :) We decided to sleep outside since we were feeling adventurous and it was such a fun memory. I love making new memories and traditions in our house! 

July was filled with bridal showers and lots of weddings! It was fun to see 2 of my very best friends get married and celebrate with them. Jess and Hay are the last from my group to tie the knot and I was so happy for them and there happiness! 
 We played with friends a lot this summer. I have the best friends ever from high school and I love them so much! We did a fun hike up to Red Pine Lake and had such a blast. I love that no matter how old we get we always get together and have such a blast being weirdos.

We also went to Bear Lake with my family. My mom gets us a cabin every year and we spend the week drinking milkshakes and playing i the sun. I look forward to this trip and this year did not disappoint! 

Summer, you will be missed!