Baby Boy Nursery and Preparations

In honor of today being my due date (and NO sign of our little man coming any time soon) I've decided to post about some of our baby preparations including the nursery so we can always remember how much fun it was getting ready for our little Chance man to come.

I (surprisingly) didn't buy any baby stuff until pretty late this summer. But once I started it was ON. We had so much fun getting all his clothes and furniture and all the baby things needed. We have also felt SO blessed to have FOUR showers - people are so generous and we have been given so many awesome gifts! I have been terrible at taking pictures of my showers but here are a few:
^^my sweet neighbor friends at my shower^^
^^my work shower - I believe in gender equality in the workplace so all my guy friends were also invited (i'm so funny) ^^
^^ with my sweet mother in law who threw me a beautiful family shower in her gorgeous new house^^
^^I am so mad I didn't take any pictures at this one but my bestie Court threw me a super cute friend shower as well. This pic was when we found out we were both due a day apart! We are super awesome. ^^

One of the other fun parts aside from these amazing showers has also been getting the nursery done. It is now one of my favorite rooms and I just go in there and sit and feel him move and get excited. We love it!

Can't wait for little buddy to get here! 



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