A Special Day - Baby Blessing

This past Sunday we blessed Chance in our church and it was such a special day I had to record it! It was a snowy, wintery day so we kept it intimate and just invite our immediate families and my best friend Courtney and her family. We were so happy to share this special day with everyone and love seeing how much everyone has come to love Chance. 

When we got to church a member of our  bishopric announced that we were going to be doing a blessing for baby "Chase". Of course my whole family started laughing because I'm feeling so stressed he is going to be called Chase his whole life, everyone calls him that! Ugh I hope he doesn't grow up to hate me for this name. I've thought seriously about changing it but I really do love his name and he is just Chance to me now. Chance is such a happy name to me, and this is our happy sweet boy so I guess we'll stick with it. 

Andrew blessed Chance with his dad and my brother in law in the circle. It was a small circle and I couldn't help but be sad that my dad wasn't there to join, but I know he was there in spirit and was watching us and is so happy to be "Grandpa Mike who lives in heaven."

After Andrew's beautiful words (he's the well-spoken one in the family) we had everyone come over for breakfast (since it was at 8:30am. It was very fun and chill and I was so proud of myself for not stressing about everything being perfect and really enjoying this day. I kept it low key and seriously did ZERO cooking. The grandmas did most of the work, Karen brought a yummy breakfast quiche and my mom did a pretty fruit plate. We just picked up donuts and muffins and called it good. My kind of party. 

Here are a few pictures for us to remember: 

^^of course andrew got sick the morning we had to bless him! what a good sport. ^^

 It was such a great day and Chance killed it in his outfit. I love my boys so much! 



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