Chance is 6 Months!

I can't believe this kiddo is already 6 months old! Chance has become the happiest, funniest kid lately and being his mom is one of the greatest joys of my life.

We were going to get 6 month photos done but I decided to try to take them myself and ended up really happy with them! I love that we did them in his room because these pictures are really just HIM. 

There are so many things I love about Chance right now. A few I never want to forget are:

  • His joy. He is always so happy and makes everyone smile! (This was not the case the first 3 months and I was sad he wasn't super smiley!)
  • How hyper he is. He is always flailing about. He is such a spaz and I love it.
  • His giggles. Especially when Andrew plays with him. He loves Andrew so much and no one can make him laugh like he can.
  • How he eats everything in sight.
  • The way he gags when we try solids. He takes after me in this department.
  • His little hair tuft. Everyone says he looks like a kewpie doll, I think it's because they have the same hair!
  • The way he rolls onto his stomach and then gets frustrated he is stuck.
  • His attempts to put his binky in himself. He works so hard!
  • They way he is happy around other people (but still recognizes us and loves us the most)
  • How much he loves to take baths with me. He is so hyper in the tub and splashes like crazy. These are some of my favorite times!
  • His bigness. He's in 9-12 month clothes and is perfectly plump & big.
  • His health! Having him get sick in January has made us appreciate him being happy and healthy.


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