Here’s to trying new things

This weekend has been really fun. On Friday night we got together with some friends and played pickeball from about 9 til 1 in the morning. On Saturday Andrew and I went on a golfing date without Chance. Both nights were a great reminder to me to keep trying new things. I loved both activities so much! I’m one who knows how I like to spend my time and don’t branch out often. Especially when it comes to new sports. But this weekend was a reminder to me that there are so many fun things to do in the world and I still have so much to try!Pickleball was seriously cool. I didn’t take any pictures but we played with three other couples and quickly picked up on the rules and loved it. It’s kind of like if ping pong and tennis had a baby, you’d get pickleball. I loved it because it’s quick and you have to be on your toes...but also you don’t have to be as good or run as much as tennis.😂Golf with Andrew was fun too. Neither of us have been very much but I got him some clubs for his birthday and he just played in a golf tournament at work and loved it. We went and hit a bucket of balls and then played a 9 hole scramble and had such an awesome time we vowed to do more! 

Here’s to trying new things!Also, off topic because we do this every year, but we spent our Sunday today up in the mountains enjoying the leaves on the Alpine Loop. I (of course) got car sick and barfed but it was worth it as always!

Yay for fall! 




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