Winter Update

Winter is in full force over here!
We have come to accept that our lives have two main seasons. About half the year (April-September) I call it our our “fun” season. We travel and play and boat and enjoy ourselves so much! Then the other half of the year is what I’ve dubbed the “gloomy” season. We work lots. I have my big event coming up in March so work gets nuts fast. Andrew has been super busy as well and traveling lots, so between the two of us we try and squeeze in some time for family and fun wherever we can.

It dumped snow a couple of weeks ago and we were so excited! We spent about 20 minutes getting chance bundled up to go play in the snow and he was outside for about 5 before Andrew and I got too paranoid that he would be sick and made him go inside.😂 Chance’s horrible lungs have made us crazy parents and him bubble boy in the winter, but we don’t care we just want to avoid a hospital visit this season!
Other updates...we had a fun Thanksgiving. We ate lots because we went to two dinners back to back, per usual. Thanksgiving is always busy but fun with family and I love turkey dinners so much. We have been taking a yearly picture on the stairs since Chance was born and I love seeing how much he’s grown!

Now that December’s here we’ve been trying to fit in fun festive stuff wherever we can. I took Chance downtown with my sister and her kids and my mom and we did the “Light the World” vending machines, Andrew and I came downtown and saw the lights with Chancey and he loved them, we played in the snow, decorated our house and bought a new Christmas tree (that was longggg overdue!), and have lots of fun parties and things we are doing with friends and family. Even though winter is rough sometimes, I’m loving this holiday season and the joy and magic having a two-year old brings into my life.

Earlier this week we went and visited Andrews grandma Fonny. She had us all over to for dinner and to see her amazing Christmas village and we had such a fun night. The kids loved it but Chance just wanted to touch everything which was tough, I can’t blame him!
It’s impossible to get a picture of all the grandkids looking at the same time! Grandma Fonny is the best and we love her so much. 
Anyways, life is crazy but it is so so good. Love my little family and want to freeze this time forever!!!


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